27th April 2008

Employees wanting Facebook at work

Should workers be allowed access to Facebook in the office?

Image courtesy UK Daily Mail
Image courtesy UK Daily Mail

Don’t you think the answer to this is obvious?  Of course I shall give any of you that have not heard of Facebook the benefit of the doubt, population health but seriously, site if you are reading this blog you will have heard of Facebook.  And if you’ve heard of it you should know that it’s the most common social networking service in the Western world today.

The reason I am blogging today about Facebook is that there is an increasingly large number of tools out there making noises about how Facebook should be allowed in the workplace.  Guess which of those in the picture above are tools?

Having used Facebook extensively for nearly a year I can categorically state that there is absolutely no business benefit in it’s current incarnation.  The only reason people want it at work is because they believe they have a right to socialise whilst at work.  And they can’t imagine missing out on what their friends might be up to for 5 minutes!  Thank goodness Twittr hasn’t yet caught on in Australia!!!

Yes, purchase you have a right to socialise during the day – but not on work time or using work resources.  You may be ALLOWED to do so, but you do not have a right, and nor should you be even asking for that right.

Some companies will allow you these benefits because they trust you, and want you to feel that they are a modern and open organisation – read “a great place to work”, but the reality is that if you are the kind of employee who needs to be permanently in touch with all your friends, then do you really think you have what it takes to be a valuable employee within the typical workplace?  If you do, you are a tool.  I wouldn’t employ a tool unless I was hammering a nail.  Would you?

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