5th February 2008

Wayne Carey

What a great way to kick off a new year, breast a new blog, and The Tool Box.

Wayne Carey media

Wayne Carey.

I could end it right there, and you’d all have read enough. However, this being a global internet, there are many of you out there who could use more information.
Where do I start? Firstly, Wayne Carey was a very good Aussie Rules footballer. A very, very good one. One we all loved to hate unless we barracked for his team, North Melbourne (The Kangaroos to you modern young things).
Wayne began to allow his on-field arrogance ooze over into his personal, and unfortunately oh so public life, resulting in some of the following alleged and actual acts:

  • Sexual harrassment
  • Drunken violence
  • Having an affair with his vice-captain’s wife
  • Sleeping with anything that moved
  • Giving character evidence for a well-known underworld figure
  • Attacking his girlfriend more than once
  • Attacking police more than once
  • Arrogance beyond mortal limits
  • Being a very unattractive man

Wayne Carey collage

From the first day I laid eyes on Wayne Carey, I just knew he was a man to be naturally disliked. I have since been proven right, and the inaugural Tool Box award could not be given to a more deserving individual.

Congratulations Wayne, your trophy is in the mail. Or it will be if you ever come back out of hiding…

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