23rd February 2008

Harbhajan Singh

In what I promise will be the last sportsperson for a little while, capsule I am going to start by declaring that Harbhajan Singh is a tool.  However, the more I think about the situation that leads me to dislike Harbhajan, the more I wonder whether the label should be transferred to the India Board of Cricket, or perhaps even the International Cricket Council (ICC) itself.

Harbhajan Singh

You see, I have always said that some sportspeople are made, not born.  Those who don’t have a natural gift often have to develop mental techniques to overcome their physical inadequacies, and the most common example of this is over-confidence or arrogance.  Many think Lleyton Hewitt is a tool – I don’t.  I believe he is a fighter, and does everything he can to make himself believe he is good enough, which can alienate the common person who simply doesn’t understand this headspace.   Perhaps this is what is going on with Singh?

Perhaps not.

Harbhajan Singh is a serial on-field trouble-maker, with transgressions ranging from common dissent to very common (as in the type of person you are if you do this) racial abuse.  See Cricket’s Day of Shame for details about his latest and most disgusting episode.  Large sections of the Indian cricket fans took to calling Andrew Symonds a “big monkey” whilst he was touring their country.  Whilst this may sound cute to some of you, it is a genuine racial slur over there.  Harbhajan, rather than correctly taking up a stance against that behaviour, chose to carry it onto the field.  For those of you who think he is just taking Australia’s reputation for sledging to another level, take one look into his eyes.  The eyes are the windows to the soul, and that look is enough to tell you he is not one of the gentlemen of cricket.

Cricket in India is pretty much a religion, and in their fervor it’s followers do and say some very stupid things.  I’m currently watching “An Aussie Goes Bolly”, which documents an Aussie’s adventures travelling around India to watch Australia’s most recent tour.  It’s scary how supposedly civilized people can become so uncivilized when emotions take over.  It is this emotion and passion, and a lot of money, that seems to result in India’s special treatment from the ICC when it comes to applying discipline to it’s team and players.

India’s Board of Control thinks it rules the game and can determine it’s future because they have so much money and support.  The last time I checked, the custodian of the game of cricket was the MCC (Marylbone Cricket Club), not India,  and the governing body is the ICC.  So that Harbhajan Singh has been able to get away with so much unruly and unacceptable behavior is as much the ICC’s fault as his own.  I do think the ICC is staffed by a bunch of tools, but ultimately there is no way Harbhajan can transfer blame to them for what are truly personal character flaws.

So, welcome to my Tool Box, Harbhajan Singh.  And whilst you’re in there, don’t try calling my hammer a spanner.  He’s not afraid of the Indian Board of Control and is likely to give you a well-deserved hammering.

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