11th February 2008

Heath Ledger – Tool or Ledgend?

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Heath Ledger

By any account Heath Ledger was a great success. As an actor, salve family man and all around nice guy. But somehow he was dumb enough to mix up a cocktail of prescription drugs and destroy all of that. Does this make him a tool, or simply a bit of an idiot who made a huge mistake? After all, is there anyone reading this who hasn’t very nearly accidentally taken an overdose of five different prescription only painkillers and anti-anxiety meds and then washed them all down with a bottle of cough medicine? It could happen to anyone, couldn’t it? So that doesn’t make him a tool.

Or is he a tool for the utterly mundane and boring method of death? An accidental overdose in Hollywood should involve heroin or at the very least unfeasibly huge amounts of alcohol. It almost seems that there are those in the mainstream media who feel offended that he died in such a normal way. But again, I don’t think that makes him a tool, just a normal bloke.

So who is the tool in this tale? Maybe it’s the masseuse who found him. I imagine that most people on finding a dying movie star would call for a paramedic, or some form of medical assistance. But not a Hollywood masseuse. No, she chose to call Mary-Kate Olsen. Does this mean the masseuse is the tool here? Not necessarily, she may just have been a simpleton who believed that Mary-Kate, along with her sister Ashley, would use her Wonder-Twin powers and fly over to save the day. She was calling the person she genuinely thought would be able to provide the quickest assistance. But Ashley was not around and Mary-Kate was powerless.

What did Mary-Kate do? Did she call the paramedics? Did she alert the emergency services? No, she called her security people and had them rush over. Maybe she’s the tool? Well, maybe not. I’m sure Mary-Kate realised that it wouldn’t take too long before the masseuse realised that photos of a movie star in his deathbed would be worth more than a whole year of “happy endings” – so she sent her security over to protect Heath’s privacy. What a good friend.

Which leaves us with the question, who are the tools in this story? Heath made a human mistake; the masseuse tried her best to find someone to help him; Mary-Kate protected his privacy. The tools must be the paramedics. Why do they travel everywhere in ground vehicles, having to deal with traffic and taking far too long to get to their destination? They should be jumping out of planes like the paratroopers they are named after. The tools.

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