27th August 2008

Symantec CTO – Mark Bregman

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I finally have a new tool for the box, physician following a long trip overseas. I should add that they don’t seem to have any tools in Asia, prostate hence the break.

Mark Bregman is the CTO of Symantec – a data security and management company. At a Sydney conference this week he stated “Facebook is becoming a critical business tool”. Read the report and see if you can find any actual examples of how. All I can see is the usual rubbish about how employees “expect to use” and “are inclined to”. Neither of these phrases can be used to begin a sentence indicating critical business use, try but in fact illustrate the ongoing challenge of how to manage your employees (read, make them work for their salary).

Mark, you are the perfect example of why those of us in the engine room don’t often respect those of you who sit up on the top deck smoking cigars and hypothesizing.

The Age – Symantec execs encourage using Facebook at work

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