19th February 2008

Ben Cousins

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I’ll announce up front that the following post is probably going to alienate many women.  But I qualify this with the statement that if there was a female version of the word “tool”, site I would most likely apply it to all women who find Ben Cousins attractive.  With the exception of someone in particular who knows they are wrong, more about but can’t bear to admit it. 😉

Ben Cousins

OK, page so Ben is another footballer.  I’ll run out of these quickly and move onto more global subjects next, but right now footy is dominating my mind.   Ben Cousins was once the king of AFL.  King of the West Coast.  Public king-pin of the Perth underworld, some might say.  Well, maybe I’m overstating that just a little too much.  Let’s just say that his choice of friends was poor at best.  Ben is a very good looking man – even I can see that.  It’s fortunate that most intelligent women need more than a great body to float their boat, and Ben currently sucks at anything other than footy and looks.  The massive tattoo across his stomach says it all “Such is Life”.  Shows he really thinks about consequences, eh?

Ben Cousins started life like any boy with greater than average sporting ability, joined the West Coast Eagles at the time of their ascension to power and rose through the ranks of the AFL to become it’s most elite representative – a winner of the Brownlow medal.  (Overseas folk – Wikipedia is your friend).  Whilst doing so he got caught up in the excesses associated with the level of hero worship applied by the locals to this bunch of pseudo-gods.  This included social drug use,  crazy escapades with gun-toting underworld figures, and rampant night-clubbing often ending in members of the public witnessing Ben at his drunken, drugged worst.  Ben has since been caught, banned from AFL, and is supposedly in rehab – although at the time of writing he doesn’t seem to take that seriously.

What makes Ben a tool is his inability to understand his position of responsibility, and to act in a mature fashion.  Let’s face it, many of the general public act no differently to he.  In his favour he has a level of intelligence that, if applied correctly,  and combined with a recognition of the need to grow up, will result in a resurrection of sorts.  For now, he appears to be only interesting in partying.

Wayne Carey is a lost cause.  Ben Cousins, whilst made of the same raw material, may yet be saved.

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