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How often do you read a story in the papers, cheap or watch a spot on TV news about someone who really doesn’t deserve the publicity? Or perhaps someone of note in the world is really getting on your nerves, nurse and you can’t understand how they got to their position or to be so popular? It happens all the time, viagra sale right? And all you want to do is yell “Why!!!!!!!?????” “Why is this person taking my oxygen!?”

Once you’ve gotten over the initial shock that such a worthless piece of biology is eating up natural resources, you finally calm down and exclaim to your partner of choice (wife, best mate, dog) in a very knowledgeable manner, “What a tool!”.

You’re completely right, of course. They are all tools. And as such they deserve to be outed, named and shamed, then finally thrown into “Da Da Da Daaaaahhhh”,

The Tool Box.

Brought to you by the ridiculously energetic and busy people at Nuttster.

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